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10 Vriendjespolitiek/Favouritism Haiku by Henk Luijten

written by Vincent Huying

28 February 2022

10 vriendjespolitiek/Favoritism Haiku


# 10 Vriendjespolitiek/Favouritism Haiku is the tenth of the Haiku writings by Henk Luijten. These Haikus have originally been written by Henk in his native language Dutch. Shortly after we got acquainted Camille made the illustrations for the writings. Not familiar with Dutch as a language yet. Consequently, it was a project through which Camille made herself more familiar with some of the aspects of the Dutch language. To catch the gist of the poems and translate the words into an image. Further, she also translated the Dutch poems into English.

# 10 Vriendjespolitiek/Favouritism Haiku by Henk Luijten

10 vriendjespolitiek/Favoritism Haiku

What the poem is about

Favouritism and our friends

The “10 Vriendjespolitiek/Favouritism” Haiku by Henk Luijten is about favouritism and favouritism/nepotism in politics. For this reason, like Henk says in the first line; indeed we have friends. Hence, introducing the statement, in his second line. The line in which he says there is also politics in friendships. Moreover, it is an intricate part of what we weigh our friendships on. As to why and how we made those friends. Are our friendships sincere? Or, do our friendships serve a purpose?

Do we favour or are we sincere in our friendships?

Is it us, who consider the other person a friend. Just for being friends? Or, more particularly, for a particular purpose this so-called friend generates. On the other hand we can also look at the objective of the person in question. Does he or she pose him or herself as a friend to get a certain something from us? Whatever it is? Do we include the objective of favouring someone in our friendship? Well, that’s what we call favouritism or nepotism. And yes, it might be good thing to be aware of such objectives. Even before we engage in such a ‘friendship.’

Meaning of ‘vriendjespolitiek’

Similarly, there’s the meaning of Dutch word ‘vriendjespolitiek,’ which literally translated would be something like ‘friend(ly) politics. Following from this, favouritism in English is the word that better clarifies the load of the word in the English language. Wherever in politics compromises and promises are made. In this particular case, through the forming of beneficial alliances. Consequently, favouritism always lures just around the next corner. Before we know it, it evolves in outright corruption.
For the translation into English Camille could almost literally translate this poem. Apart from the Dutch word ‘vriendjespolitiek.’ Nevertheless, the meaning of the poem seems at least to remain intact.

Image for # 10 Vriendjespolitiek/Favouritism Haiku by Henk Luijten

10 vriendjespolitiek/Favoritism Haiku

Illustration and translation into English by Camille Wilkinson

More examples of Haiku writings from Henk Luijten in Dutch and English

We hope you like the Haiku writings by Henk Luijten

Here, you have read the tenth issue of the Haiku writings by Henk Luijten. We naturally hope you will read them and appreciate them. As for the illustrations by Camille. Evidently, we hope they will indeed enhance the meaning of Henk’s writing. And that this very project may be an example and of assistance. As a means to help each and one another to understand each other better, beyond the borders of our native languages.

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