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Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts in general generate inspiration.

Where you might say you’re not into arts and crafts we like to invite you to take a different look at these ways to express yourself.

Examples of Arts and Crafts

Draw a card

Maybe, you just want to send a nice card to someone special, and what your local store has available doesn’t suit the occasion. Then, it is up to you how you want to make that special card. You can use all kinds of templates. You can draw, by hand, or on your computer, or tablet. Maybe, the image on the card needs some paint to just add a personal touch. Or, you want to give some extra depth to a picture by adding some texture.

Techniques and Arts and Crafts material

Without you having to know all kinds of techniques, there’s a lot you may have available without being aware of it. Of course, you can buy ready available material to make your addition to the image you want to send. It might just be that old piece of packing paper you kept for years, with which you now create a border on your image to make it look more festive or beautiful.

Endless possibilities

Or, you just cut the packing paper into little stars to glue and add to your card. All in all the possibilities are endless. It is up to your imagination how to convey your message. Most important is, that there are no rules how to do this. It is all about setting yourself free, to use whatever you like to make your card with.

In our perspective, it is to step away from what holds us back. The simple fact that people on the receiving end in general truly appreciate such a personal message makes it a wonderful means to communicate whatever we want to say or show.

Go create your Arts and Crafts

Make what you imagine

Following, what applies to the example of the card, applies to everything in which we entice ourselves to go beyond the ordinary. In which you create what you imagined.

Not an artist? Still, you can make stuff too

It is easy to make yourself  say ‘I’m not a Rembrandt or van Gogh’. Our question in return is, does it really matter?


Create your own world

Use your imagination

We’re aware not everybody can be a top notch artist. However, because we all are unique human beings, you too are able to explore your imagination and as you do so, you are able to create your own world, with whatever you imagine or do.

Have your hobbies be your creative endeavors

Considering you like knitting, or carpentry. It might be you still didn’t allow yourself to get into it. It’s that day that you just remember the house-socks your grandma once knitted and now you want to make some yourself. Let’s say you are reorganizing and you need some new shelves, or anything else out of wood. This is that day, that you’ll take your saw, chisel, hammer or knitting needles and make something out of wood or wool.

Consequently, for arts and crafts:

Anything goes, really, anything goes.

Whatever is your forte, we encourage you to engage, to make time for it. To spend time inside the wonderful world of your imagination. That time is true quality time in this age of being pressured and stressed. It’s another way to make yourself breathe imaginatively and inspirationally. Today you become imaginative and creative.


We provide a view on different arts and crafts you may want to get into to explore your imagination to make this world as wonderful as you need it to be

WONDERHOUSE Arts and Crafts

When we talk of arts and crafts, we think of literally everything that is supposed to fall under these categories. In our eyes there’s no curated threshold to where people make beautiful things. We don’t judge on a typical kind or sort of arts and crafts, just as we don’t judge you on your particular level. We’re here, just like you, to learn. To preferably learn from our mistakes, and share our improvements amongst one another.

We make beautiful things from trash

Whether it’s painting, drawing or designing, building a piece of furniture or a model, making jewelry, artifacts and nik-naks. Making a card, a poster, a t-shirt, a doll, or a doll house. The important thing is to use your imagination. Through your imagination you will find new ways to express yourself. You will look at the materials you use and open your eyes for new opportunities. You will become able to find new uses for old stuff you may have otherwise thrown away.