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Wonderful things from trash

When you think of trash, it is simply, things we put in a garbage bag. Trash is anything we discard. Therefore, the question is; is throwing away your trash the only option? What if, discarding your trash is not the only option?

Food waste

In the first place, our most at hand example is food waste. Normally, you too might throw your kitchen scraps into a bin. Even before you thought about putting your scraps to good use. However, you can make use of food-gone-bad and cuttings. You can turn them into a source of nutrition for your garden or pot plants on your balcony by composting them.

Use your imagination

Secondly, with other types of waste, we invite you to  use your creativity, you too can find new uses for other scrap materials.

Cardboard boxes

For example, it is as simple as making use of emptied cardboard boxes. Cardboard boxes you receive  you can reuse for items you need to mail somewhere. In this age of internet orders you too may receive shipments. Goods and items you ordered, bringing both the goods and the reusable packing material. Subsequently, for any shipment you need to have delivered. All that is needed, is the recycled cardboard box, a pair of scissors, some packing tape, glue and if necessary some packing cord. Your cardboard box is moved forward in the cycle of repurposing.

To begin with, the main thing is; that you change your mindset regarding what your household has readily available for reuse before you buy anything new.

Following, the next step to take; start with considering  how much wonderful things  can come from trash.

With this intention, we give you a set of solutions on the WONDERHOUSE website and through its content, so you too can become able to make use of your own creativity. Creative thinking applied to the untapped resource of trash.

How to; to deal with success, to deal with setbacks

In fact, in this world we live in, it is usual to celebrate our successes. Alternately, the way you may have learned to deal with setbacks is as for most of us, something to keep under our lids.

The beautiful in you

In that sense this lid, yours too, is as the cover of your internal waste bin. You too, may have experienced life events which made you feel discarded. Maybe, you too encountered situations which made you feel like trash.

From your personal bin

Moreover, you may have been there already. Now, you may want to start to make wonderful tweaks from your own personal bin. Lead yourself to a constructive and positive way to recreate yourself from the point on, where you were set back.

In our everyday lives

Nowadays, it becomes more apparent that we all need to learn to be self-sufficient and have self-esteem. Let’s say, to recycle your packaging, to grow your own food. To put that food on your own table. For example, for all of us, to all the way becoming mindful people in our all of our habits, including the everyday ones.

So, from your individual waste bin, we suggest you may find new sources for your well-being and we offer our humble examples to do so.

At WONDERHOUSE, we want to jumpstart the exploration of your personal experience and inspire you to gain your creative purposes from your very own source.

The unique human being you are

You are a unique human being, and whatever your story is; how you want to tell it, it is worthy to be created and shared.

Explore and create

So much that we provide you a means with which you can explore your imagination and create what is uniquely yours.

Fresh eyes, new perspective

Indeed, we help you to learn to see new possibilities. With fresh eyes, how to review, reuse, repurpose, reconfigure, re-align, re-see, enhance and improve the way your story can be shown and told. Shown and told by you. To make your part of the world as wonderful as you need it to be. As wonderful as you imagine.

An offering to inspire

With this in mind, our range of offerings, is diversified. nevertheless, in what ever way we may be a helpful hand and/or an inspiring influence; we want you to feel welcome and we hope you will become inspired.

The how to DIY (Do It Yourselves)

So, here we show you how to do it yourselves from the processes by which we make our various artifacts.

Let’s together make this world a bit more wonderful

Last but not least, this is our contribution, together with your participation, to make this world of ours more wonderful.


Vincent & Camille