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A warm welcome to all of You who found Our online home.

Welcome, by opening this page, you stepped on the threshold and doormat of our virtual Wonderhouse.
Consequently, You arrived in our online home, which in itself is a little bit of wonder.
Because, in this world with so many addresses, homepages and outlets, You, were able to find us.

For this reason, we are so appreciative and grateful for Your visit. And yes indeed, our site is for all of you. Including You, who want to explore and to find the whimsical, the wonderful, the fantastic in the ordinary of our lives.

On the other hand, through our examples of creative explorations, therefore, we want to familiarize you with sources You may never have thought of before and to inspire You to go and find Your wonder.

Yours Truly, Vincent & Camille

To start with, create ‘A Something’ that is meaningful to You.
Secondly, You can share that ‘Something’, that is to say;
Make it;  Show it;  Write about it;  Talk about it;  Teach it;  Sell it…
And so, let’s connect, interact and engage each other through our blog channel on the WONDERHOUSE website.
With this in mind, you can ask us questions and/or we can ask you about what you imagine you want to achieve.
For the purpose of inspiration we have something that inspires you. Or, following, maybe you have to suggest something we can follow your development of.

So, in conclusion, if  your interests are in the following subjects;

a.     Gardening
b.     Modelling
c.     Writing
d.     Jewelry – collecting/making
e.     NikNaks – collecting/making
f.      Arts and Crafts – collecting/making
h.     Home remedies
i.      Food recipes
j.      Aromatherapy recipes
k.     Artifact making techniques
l.      Rainwater harvesting
m.    And more as we all grow…

…Now, you have found a great place to play in Wonder.