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Handmade Wooden Necklace Example.01

written by Wonder

10 March 2022

Handmade Wooden Necklace Example

Handmade Necklace from Ebony Wood

Here we present you our first handmade wooden necklace example.01. You can also find it in our web shop where it is waiting to adorn you. From reclaimed ebony wood we made a pendant in our series ready-made sustainable jewelry. The source material for this necklace is reclaimed scraps of ebony wood. It consists of cutoffs we found at the Amsterdamsche Fijnhouthandel. We looked for the wood grain to find and fit the best parts to our design. The design of this necklace was inspired by tribal shield necklaces. These necklaces often carry talisman like additions. We tried to incorporate such items by adding finds and fittings, from either other jewelry or we made or tweaked these items to design we wanted to accomplish. This is a unique item.

Ebony Wood Necklace
Ebony Wood necklace; silver ball chain, horn and tiny bell details. Presented in frame of artists’ sketch.


The design of this piece of jewelry is from Camille Wilkinson.


The total length of the necklace is 25 1/2″, or in metric system this is 65 centimeters. This allows for a circumference of 8 1/8″or 20,69 centimeters. For this piece of jewelry we can adjust the length of the chain to the length you wish for.

Original jewelery artifact.
Ebony Wood necklace; silver ball chain, horn and tiny bell details. Presented in frame of artists’ sketch.

Anticipate your stunning look with this Handmade Wooden Necklace Example.01

Stun your friends with this handmade and ready-made piece of sustainable jewelry. Add some extra oomph to your party dress with its more than average cleavage.

Add to your tribal look

Set a new tribal standard with this pendant from reclaimed ebony. Set out your particular tribe standard with this unique piece of reclaimed jewelry.

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