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01 Nederlaag/Defeat Haiku by Henk Luijten

written by Vincent Huying

28 February 2022

01 Nederlaag/Defeat Haiku


# 01 Nederlaag/Defeat Haiku is the first of the Haiku writings by Henk Luijten. These Haikus have originally been written by Henk in his native language Dutch. Shortly after we got acquainted Camille made the illustrations for the writings. Not familiar with Dutch as a language yet. Consequently, it was a project through which Camille made herself more familiar with some of the aspects of the Dutch language. To catch the gist of the poems and translate the words into an image. Further, she also translated the Dutch poems into English.

# 01 Nederlaag/Defeat Haiku by Henk Luijten

What the poem is about

The “Nederlaag/Defeat” Haiku by Henk Luijten is about the defeat of a football or soccer team. They have lost so bad, in the Dutch language people will say they have been totally dried off. Camille chose to make that into ‘dried up’. Where the dried off is a bit more hard to explain in English. People may say in English they dry themselves. They don’t necessarily use the term dry off that often. To dry up is much more common in English. In that sense ‘dried up’ also means to be exhausted.

Image for # 01 Nederlaag/Defeat Haiku by Henk Luijten

# 01 Nederlaag/Defeat Haiku

Illustration and translation into English by Camille Wilkinson

More examples of Haiku writings from Henk Luijten in Dutch and English

We hope you like the Haiku writings by Henk Luijten

Here, you have read the first issue of the Haiku writings by Henk Luijten. We naturally hope you will read them and appreciate them. As for the illustrations by Camille. Evidently, we hope they will indeed enhance the meaning of Henk’s writing. And that this very project may be an example and of assistance. As a means to help each and one another to understand each other better, beyond the borders of our native languages.

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