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Wonderful Card Art; ‘The Book Of Unfolding’ card deck

‘The Book Of Unfolding’ card deck

Our introduction of the wonderful card art, in “the Book Of Unfolding’ card deck. A new type of playing cards for imaginative story telling as oracle or writing aid.

A Brief, About Card Decks in general

The most common deck of cards, as You know, are the standard pack of 52 playing cards. The 52 card deck is considered the tradition in many countries of the world. They usually have a shared single design on the backs and are comprised of 13 cards in the four suits; numbered 2-10 as clubs, hearts, diamonds and spades. Each suit also has its Ace and court cards;King,Queen and Jack. *

Tarot playing cards traditionally were used in Western Europe (and now in Canada). Although called Tarot Nouveau, these playing card decks were not used for fortune telling or divination.

Tarot Decks as Fortune Telling, Divination, Affirmation and Cartomancy Cards

These Tarot decks generally are a total of 78 cards. The 52 cards, similar to the traditional playing cards, are carried into Tarot, also referred to as the “Pip”cards. Additional to the 52 cards – to a subtotal of 58, are the inclusion of Knights, in some decks and alternately, as Prince or Princess court cards in others. After this difference, the main difference is the added 22 “Trump”cards.

Trump Cards in Wonderful Card Art

Trump cards represent predominately the mystical or esoteric aspect in the mundane of life. They refer to the “As Above and So Below” aphorism. In other words, the simplest meaning for this is; whatever happens on earth is reflected in the heavens.
The cards also suggest, that as individuals – microcosms – we are affected by the larger society the – macrocosm. This explanation reflects the mundane aspect of our humanity. And in general, the trump cards show You the big themes of life, mundane or esoteric.

A Space for Exploration

through wonderful Card Art

Our WONDERHOUSE wonderful card art Cards, hope to provide You an environment in which to escape into for creative explorations or a kind of meditative practice. Your interaction with the cards can be practical, whimsical, and or spiritual. In-fact, it can be all three at the same time.

Please note, that this explanation is brief and simplified. Do, source further and investigate the great range of types of Tarot cards with their various alternate symbols for the suit cards and trump cards. In some cases, the meanings ascribed to the trumps can differ. There is a rich and interesting history on this subject that is quite magical and wonder-filled to delve into.

To Escape – Is To Find Yourself… Inside A Bibliotek | Library | Book Room

Firstly, here is a glimpse of the WONDERHOUSE BIBLIOTEK. Indeed a partial archive of things, (in this case – tarot card decks), to wonder and muse on. In our Wonderhouse reading room, one book or deck leads to another and another, where in this space, information is gathered, stored and expanded upon. Understanding is a process; curiosity, open-mindedness and wonder moves Us forward.

In fact, we all learn to know. You obtain knowledge to become aware. As a result, You become aware of ourselves, then of others and then of the world around You and beyond You.

Accordingly, there is a connection to it all. We are all connected, to each other and everything. Can You feel Your connection? What more will You learn on Your journeys?

wonderful card art

The Wonder-Filled Card Art Eclectic Bibliotek

Shown here to you are references of a selection of our growing collection of card decks. They range in variety under the categories of ‘Tarot’, ‘Oracle’, ‘Affirmation’ and ‘Lenormand’ cards. You may know them as fortune-telling, predictive, and cards of inspiration.

Now It’s Your Turn At The Wheel, of Wonder-Filled Card Art

WONDERHOUSE introduces to You our first foray into specialised card-decks design. This one is entittled “The Book Of Unfolding”. A kind of Tarot deck (meaning wheel) as in a wheel of fortune or the turning wheel of life. Subsequently, the card-decks You can also use as an Oracle deck wherein a card suggests a prescriptive or direction to a question asked. The illustrations and the philosophy behind this deck is born from an appreciation for both the art of card-decks and the assigned purposes of the decks, especially purposes beyond simple card play games.

The ‘Keyword’; UNFOLDING

Now, think of how things build and grow. Then, You can think of how those very same things… unfold.

That is to say, unfoldments are often the aspect of things when they reach a point where growth breaks open and can spread out, laterally rather than just upward and vertically.

How You Shape Your Path

You and I along with many other things in nature, generally speaking, do not evolve in a straight singular line. Hence, there is deviation from our paths. There is a zig-zagging toward ‘a something’ that You are drawn to or are determined to reach. You might have a mission of a specific goal. And yes, sometimes we may veer off that mission due to the ‘adventures’ and challenges that come our way in life.

‘Unfoldment’, is part of everything. It is in Your hands to find the thread of a story and unravel, unwind and unfold from the essence of Your saga.

wonderful card art
Introduction to “The Book Of Unfolding” card deck.

Take The Wonder-Filled Card Art Deck In Hand

So, take, “The Book Of Unfolding” card-deck in Your hand. Looking first at the card’s back, You will see the illustrated view of the book’s binding; back cover, spine and front cover.

Every card represents a story in pictorial on its face side. There are many ways the ‘stories’, imagery shows how the story can be told. You are meant to interact with the cards symbolisms to stimulate your active imagination.

Some Questions To Think About

Now, where will it lead You? What will You discover? Through free-will, are You creating the story of You, or do You choose to use the cards inspirations for your next writing opus? Or will You use the cards to provide you a message, and affirmation for some question `You’d like direction about?

In short, the stories are all Yours.

Enjoy the adventures that unfold for You.

Camille Wilkinson-Huying

WONDERHOUSES’ Book Card Readings

Our card-deck is a work-in-progress. We present this introduction to our first deck of cards, even while they are still in stages of development. In fact, the deck itself continues to unfold to us, its very creation.

How It All Began

In my formative years, I lived in several cities in Massachussettes. Therefore, I came to know that in general, the New England area was filled with stories involving magic, spirits, sprites, faeries, Ouija boards and other such esoteric stuff.

Like Alice

Somehow, I didn’t find it creepy or off-putting. Instead, I found it full of mystery and wonder. Thus, it made me feel like an Alice-In-Wonderland, where my powers of imagination took hold and grew. Consequently, my ability to ‘sense things’ also strengthened as the ways of an empath.

Just An Aside

When I was about 5, I have experienced an out-of-body phenomenum while walking to school alone in freshly fallen snow. My red boots mesmerised me up, out and above myself… Indeed, that’s a story for another time. But I mention it here, because it was part of a gestalt of many contributing factors – an awakening of sorts – to this other world that stands along with this one. It’s portal being our mind and senses and something inscrutably more…outside of us.

Gypsy Fortune Telling Wonderful Card Art Deck

Anyhow, it was around this time – (I was about 8 or 9 years old) – that I recieved a ‘Gypsy Fortune Telling’ deck of cards. It was fascinating to own, but it didn’t get much play. As a result I kept the deck mainly as a special key to a door, that I had yet to find, to open. And so, this card-deck, was a kind of early reference point of my future collecting and collections of ecclectic meta-spiritual-mysterious artifacts.

Creations Imagination

In the first place, those cards of divination are just a starting point of delving into a creative ability, that we all inately have. Following, it is creativity to use our imagination. The same creativity You use to write or draw about what You explore from what You imagine. Furthermore, we are all part of a greater creation that has imagined us into being. Which is pleasant – at the very least – to entertain it by using Your abilities and also be entertained by the creations You made.

wonderful card art
The Concept of and the Introduction to; “The BOOK OF UNFOLDING”card deck

Open Your Book

Imagery pops from the page. What thoughts come to mind? Spend some time in Your reverie… The story will begin to form and unfold.

wonderful card art
Travel through The WONDERHOUSE portal, to Wonderfilled Travels.


This is Your passport to Wonderfilled travels. You will encounter all manner of mystical, magical things from within You, Your intuition and beyond You.

Book Of Unfolding - card book back

Growth, Development and Unfolding

The above image is the actual card back design.

On the ‘front cover’of the binding, waves and clouds combine together, forming a smokey mist. They overlay a tarnished patina of gold that extends onto the ‘back cover’. Along the spine is the card-decks title: “The Book Of Unfolding”. The four insignias reference The Wonderhouse logo and Camille’s designer’s marks for this project..

In the coming weeks the cards’ face sides will be unveiled incrementally. Eventually, once complete, they will be available to be viewed by You in totality. One day in the near future, we would love for this deck to find a place on Your bookshelves.

Yes, You Can Pick A Card from the Wonderful Card Art Deck

…And another and another, indeed. Initially, one card may be enough to answer Your question. Several card picks will help You to flesh out the narrative of Your story’s development.

Additionally, the card selection could provide You with a message. Meanings in messages, hints, or clues that come from Your engagement with the Akashic Records and Your ‘Higher’ Self.

Through this process You become more acquainted with the language of Your own inner being.

Pick A Card - a way to prompt story writing
Card Deck of Stories
Card by card, formulate your stories. Spread the deck, pick a card and follow the visual prompts into your story adventures.

Cards On The Table

A stack of cards -the books- are like a card spread. Each card is a portal for You. And each card is a key. As doorways, You cross a threshold into dreamy perceptions.

They are paths You can travel on the various ‘ley lines’ of perspectives that the imagery sets You off on. The perspectives that You discover, reach out, forward and backward from the planes of Your mind.

Best Laid Lines

*Ley lines, as excerpted from Wikipedia, says that;
“ley lines refer to straight alignments drawn between various historic structures and prominent landmarks…”
further in on the subject it continues;
“…such ley lines demarcate “earth energies” and serve as guides for alien spacecraft…”

There is more to the Wikipedia entry, but it is these sentences that hold the gist of what the experience in Your engagement with these cards can bring for You.

Your Card Picks from the Wonderful Card Art deck

The card picks, come into alignment by the combination of the cards You picked. One card or another will trigger an energetic string of ideas within You. Now, You can walk the line formed by these cards as if connecting the dots of Your thoughts or impressions.

Follow where they lead You, along the historic and prominent moments in Your story.

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