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The first question to ask about jewelry, is there indeed a purpose to ‘jewelry’ in general?

Accordingly, does this question apply to the pieces of jewelry you wear? Or at least, to those pieces you have collected?

Thus, are you an avid jewelry collector?

And so, is your jewelry wearing, buying and owning habits, based on;

  • fashion style tastes
  • sentimentality
  • the aesthetics
  • craftsmanship and quality
  • whimsical ideas of the meanings of the materials used?

Your Choice

Let’s say, you’ve well considered the pieces of jewelry you wear or acquire. Maybe, the jewelry you wear is your particular choice for a special someone. As a placeholder for your feelings. A token of your Love, in its various material incarnations. Or, you wear it because it was gifted to you out of love.

What is Your draw to a piece of jewelry

On the other hand, does any one of these criteria considering jewelry, (as listed above) apply to you? Although, we realise a much more diverse list of criteria could be stated. Therefore, is one of those criteria consequently the cause and draw of your personal selection and collection?

A wonderful invitation

Because of this, here’s a selection of our current range in jewelry. Naturally, we hope you’ll find something to your liking.

Our general offer

What is more, in the category of  ‘artifacts’, WONDERHOUSE has a range of unique jewelry, and jewelry containers to offer you.

Special Containers

Indeed, some of our jewelry is designed with special boxes and containers. Subsequently constructed and coordinated just for that item. As a result, the packaging too, is what we have on offer for you.

One-of-a-kind pieces

In the first place, take a look through the range of our one-of-a-kind pieces. For the reason to find a selection that particularly resonates with you. Or indeed with your intended and specific purpose.

Wood range

Above all, the range from which you can choose includes a series of hand-worked re-purposed raw woods. The types of wood shown are Ebony, Rosewood, Cedar and Mahogany. Items selectively and exclusively made into rings, bracelets, and necklaces.


The hanging method ranges from metal alloys, silver, brass, copper and leather or silk cord. Furthermore, there is a minimalistic and somewhat spiritual feeling to this current group made in wood. In all honesty, a feeling we hope may aspire to your crave for beauty. As we hope these pieces will  become of splendor. Especially inside your collection. With this in mind we also offer findings and fittings to your specific needs.

I Wood series, rosewood, ebony, cedar rings

Recycled circuit boards

Then, there is a Series of necklaces, hand made from re-cycled internal computer circuitry parts. For this reason, the finished result are interesting pendants that have a feel of “Klimt”. Which even more adds to their mixed-media aesthetic. Incidentally they are embellished with paint daubs, semi-precious stones, or glass beads.

Circuit boards as Jewelry

As is the case for our wood series. Recycled circuit boards also hang from various metals and mixing of metal links and findings. Alternatively, the findings and fittings can be adjusted, similarly as with the wood series.

Wonderful jewelry from Trash

In keeping with our intention and the concepts of  “Wonderful things from trash”. Much of the materials used in the making of our jewelry as artifacts, come from recycling various source materials. Last but not least, the main part of recycling is done by our hands. For the purpose of its addition to the creative process.


As we previously stated, all items are one-offs in materials and in their design and are available until sold.

Wood Series

Rosewood, pendants

II Ebony series, bracelets, ring, pendant

III Ebony series, pendant coupled, vintage findings and fitting

Ring box, popsicle sticks

Recycled Electronics

I Circuit boards, stones

II Circuit boards, enameled, colored

III Circuit boards, soldered and lacquered

IV Circuit boards, combination

V Circuit boards, overview

VI Circuit boards, enameled, colored and lacquered

Interested in our jewelry?