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Rain Cistern

Did you ever think about using the rainwater which falls on your roof?

Was it the cost factor which scared you off?

Now, you can start catching rainwater affordable and even use it cost effectively.

Finished liner with rainwater inlet.

We offer a do it yourself basic catchment for a very competitive price.

It’s time to do some digging, get your shovel ready.

All you basically need is a roof, a rainwater drain, and a garden.

The question here is, does the water on your roof drain on your plot?

Or, do you have an accessible rainwater drain pipe around your house?

In case your house has shared drain pipes

Sometimes these drain pipes are shared when houses have been built in rows. Maybe it is time you pay your neighbors a visit. When you ask them if you can make use of the rainwater from this drain, you will most likely get a positive answer. You might just strike your neighbors bell with the sharing of the idea.

When using rainwater inspires you, it will also inspire many others. Just for the fact it is silly to let such a source of clear water go to waste.

Starting the dig.

Are you making a swimming pool?

Connecting the drain pipe.

The finished liner.

The drain pipe connected.


Making the deck.

Watering pipes to planters.

First rainwater harvested.

Before you start digging, let’s make a plan. We can help you with that plan.

To begin with, in preparation of your plan you calculate the average amount of water which will fall on your roof. We can help you with your calculation.

The plan is all about how:

firstly, to catch enough rainfall from your roof.

secondly, to use this rainwater, given the amount of water you will be able to catch.

thirdly, to redirect that water to a possible catchment, a rain barrel or a cistern, which is nothing more than an underground rain barrel.

last but not least, where you place that barrel or cistern, while making use of your existing garden design and the material you already have available.

Finished deck with inspection hatch, one of the watering pipes with cloth mounted.

To make your rainwater system simple to operate and cost effective we help you set your priorities.

Liner ready to be mounted in the cistern, XPS walls to prevent caving in. (XPS is closed cell extruded polystyreen foam)

For example, flushing your toilet with rainwater sounds marvelous and inspiring, doesn’t it?

Well, we agree, it does sound good until you see and hear what needs to be opened, changed, adjusted and repaired to get some rainwater to your toilet.

How many people are there in your household?

However, more importantly, and simply put. Most of our houses don’t have a large enough roof to catch enough water for flushing when all of your household members use the loo regularly.

Can you harvest and store enough rainwater?

On the other hand, to make flushing the toilet with rainwater work in your home, your roof and your rain barrel need to be large enough.What you need is a water switch. To switch back to drinking water when your rain barrel will be getting empty. Those systems exist and work properly. All to a more than appropriate cost compared to the low-cost hand-on cistern system we offer for your garden.


A simple example is in place here. When the total footprint of your house amounts to about 48m2 and your roof is gabled to two sides, you might just be able to catch this water only on one side. Which means the surface you can successfully catch water from is 24m2. That kind of surface will yearly generate enough rainwater to feed your garden, and do some outside rinsing.

For flushing your toilet the amount of rainwater you can catch is simply not enough.

When you then weigh factors such as;

  • the level of difficulty to reach your toilet with the rainwater pipe,
  • the possible lack of water your roof will be able to generate,
  • and the complexity of the required installation to feed your toilet with rainwater.

They all pose the question, is this worth it?

Considering, the attached cost factor to the system, as we already stated, should not scare you off. Otherwise said; such a system should therefore be affordable and cost effective.

Watering pipe with mounted cloth ready to be installed.

Let’s keep it simple is our motto.

To water your garden you don’t need a complex rainwater system.

The basic system we offer you is a water catchment for your garden, even without pump.

With or without pump?

Of course you can always add a simple pump. For the covering of the catchment we suggest a deck. However, you may want to choose to pave over your system. Consequently, this requires additional material to your basic configuration.

Wooden deck

In our example we covered the cistern with a wooden deck. This, to guarantee easy access to the water volume. This, also, to increase the educational visual clarity to the cistern.

Because your specific wishes may require another look we don’t include the wooden deck in the price point for the cistern.

Most common and easy to achieve use for a rainwater system

On average, when you make a calculation, or, when we assist you with the equation. We find that the most hands-on uses for rainwater are watering your garden, outside cleaning, and sometimes washing. That’s about the equivalent of rainwater what you will be able to catch on average from your roof yearly. These specific uses of your water needs, are most often to be accomplished with relative ease.

Washing with rainwater is a viable option

By the way, when washing with rainwater is an option for you, it is an excellent one. Because, there is no drinking water available so low in scale. Water low on calcium rinses better and needs less soap. How about that for an argument. And a lot of washing machines can be hooked up rather easily.

Our offer

What we offer is your simple calculation method or the specific calculation  for your plot and your do it yourself instruction. We’re also considering to offer the material as a ready to install kit. This, of course, depends on where you live. Therefore, we can also provide you with a detailed list of needed materials and possible alternatives for materials. Depending on which materials are common in your area.

Cistern with fully installed liner and rainwater inlet. Ready to receive the wooden deck.

The finished cistern with fully installed liner and rainwater inlet. Ready to receive the wooden deck.

Your location, your situation, your numbers

What we need from you are the measurements of your plot, your house, the kind of roof your house got and an indication where the rainwater pipes on your house are to be found.
Calculation and measurement plan

Based on an average roof of 30m2 and a garden of 50m2 we offer your calculation and measurement plan for €60,-.

DIY kit plus instruction manual

Depending on your location, we can also offer a DIY kit based on your measurements and layout. A basic customer specific kit consists of material to build a 1500Liter cistern, feeding pipes and watering pipes. Everything you need to make your basic cistern work for about €350,-, this is our basic price point, shipping excluded. Your DIY instruction manual is included.

Purchase the material yourself

If you wish to purchase all the materials yourself we will provide you with a detailed shopping list and your DIY instruction manual for €30,-.

Cost indication for the deck

The deck we installed added another €420,- to our total. Because this price is dependent on choice of wood, width and length it is only an indication.

Share your project with us and others

We invite all our clients to share their projects with us and with your neighbors, family and friends. When you share we encourage you or the ones you share with to make a donation on our PayPal.

However, please note your instruction manual is specific for your plot and layout.

In most cases a rainwater calculation is a required necessity for each plot. Your house, garden and wishes may indeed differ from the one next door.

Although your house and plot may be similar, to the one of your neighbour. Design and layout of your garden often differs. This can lead to disappointments when the measurement of the basic cistern interferes with your garden design. To avoid this we advice you and the ones you share with to always have a calculation made. A different location of the cistern may need a longer feed, and may also require a different form of the cistern or a different execution. That’s the main reason why your calculation and instruction is client and plot specific.

Start using rainwater at reasonable cost, grab your shovel

Are you interested in using rainwater at such low cost? Are you willing to do some digging?

Fill in the form

Send in the form and we will calculate your rainwater harvest.

The first piece of cloth as a wick. Ready to receive the first rain.

The cover of our booklet how to build your own rainwater cistern.

Find our booklet “How To Build a Cheap Rainwater Cistern for Your Garden”on Apple Books.

Start to harvest rainwater yourself and drain this upwards in a user friendly and natural way.

Look on Apple Books for our book, or send us a message at

When you need assistance for a calculation for your cistern, don’t hesitate to contact us. we’ll be happy to help you out.

Or use the order form below, to send us the basic measurement of your plot and house.

Start harvesting yourself, your yield will be promising. DIYing your cistern will give you a lot of fun and enjoyment.

Or, scan the QR-code with your phone to become directed to our page on Apple Books.

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We make it simple and affordable to contribute to a wonderful world.

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