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Rainwater Cistern Calculation Service


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Rainwater Cistern Calculation Service

Don't know how to calculate your rainfall harvest?

Let us do it for you with our rainwater cistern calculation service

Our Rain Cistern Calculation Service is there to assist you to calculate how much rain you can catch. How to align your rainwater harvest with your water needs. And what the volume of your rainwater tank should be.

How the rainwater cistern calculation service works

First acknowledge your purchase. Fill in the form below. Make your payment. Then we will start calculating on the basis of your location.

Take the measurments

We use open source location applications to determine the measurements of your roof and garden. Next, we put these numbers in our spreadsheets.

We compute how much rain you can yield and what amount of rainwater you need

Together with the numbers of the average yearly rainfall, we calculate for you how much water you can yield. How much water you need for your garden. What you can expect to use for rinsing or cleaning or washing your clothes. If your house is big enough you may even be able to flush your toilet with rainwater.

With this service we estimate the volume of your cistern

Finally we calculate for you how large the volume of your receptacle should be.
After our calculation you will receive our advice in an email message.

You decide

Next, you can decide what you want to use your harvested rainwater for. Our calculation gives you good basis to start building your DIY cistern with.
This info helps you accomplish the best voliume for your rainwater uses on your plot.

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