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Always the definition

With the word and perceived concept of art, almost always the question is raised, what is art? Or, how to define what is art?

How we see art

Although many books and articles go into depth on this very subject. We like to see art from a different perspective, beyond the ordinary one. Yes, indeed, there’s a whole world of curators and critics who decide what is art and what is not. However, the way we like to define art is the overall of expressions and works which stem from the creativity of us as humans.

Go make something

The most important aspect of this view on what art is. Is that you’re able to garner your creativity into making something. Whatever it is, or will be, or will become. As we stated also on the more general page of “arts and crafts”. Its main purpose is to create something beautiful. Also, to create something which has meaning. Either for yourself, or for others. That’s where you find your child drawings on the wall. Framed by your mum and dad, or other family members. Maybe you framed them yourself and found a nice spot on one of your walls.

Your art can be anything

So, your art can be one of your photographs which evoke remembrances of a particular occasion. A drawing, craftwork, an object you found. A wrought spike from the abandoned railroad tracks you once lived nearby. Indeed, we also count in stuff you found. Because you picked it up, maybe for its beauty, maybe for its personal meaning or for the remembrance.

Pick up something random and see its beauty

At that very instant when you picked up the artifact, or the object. Either for yourself, or for others, you made that piece of junk into art. Maybe you are right, it won’t be exhibited in one of the world’s museums. But, hey, your great great grandfather would never have thought a museum would display his old pair of scissors. Let alone, the notes and drawings he once made for the projects he was working on. However, when you have such objects in your house, for their beauty and their remembrance, you added to the meaning of these objects.

Take a different look at the world around you

This way of looking at objects and artifacts, drawings and images, opens a way to look different at the things we are surrounded with. What otherwise may seem useless at first glance, now gets attributed an emotional value. Your valuation starts where you see the item and pick it up. Suddenly you look at the object differently. Where you see the beauty. Or, how you can highlight the beauty of the item by giving it a special place around you.

Frame it

Of course, you can also add to the object by putting it in a different setting. For instance, by placing it in a frame, or in a window or showcase.

Make your own composition

Next, when you combine different objects and items, you are making your own compositions. You are, in fact, making your own art. Maybe just for the image, or for just decorative purposes.

In our humble eyes, it doesn’t matter how you approach this process. Moreover, you might already do it, without being aware of it. 

Become more mindful of your artful process

So, let’s say, we just called it what it is. Well, now we want to entice you to take this process more seriously, or use it more mindfully.

Discover your inspiration and creativity

Why? Is what you could ask. Mainly, because it is an excellent way to start to explore your creativity. Because it is a way to discover your inspiration.

 Our invitation

With all this in mind, we want to invite you into the world of our art. Following, we like to entice you into making your very own art.


A different view

Granting you start with a different view on the world around you. Start by collecting stuff which is inspirational to you. Next, put these trinkets or images together and make your own composition. Either way, we’re aware you might already do this. And so, we invite you to become aware of this part of your artful process. In order to fully explore your creativity and inspiration.

A home altar, or some flowers

Like with artifacts and nik naks, it’s up to you what kind of objects or images you put together, for  your artful expressions. In our humble opinion it really doesn’t matter what you use. In either case, that’s what constitutes your choice. Maybe, you want to make a little altar for some lost loved ones. Or, you wish to celebrate the beauty of some flowers you picked from the wild or your garden. There are thousands of other possibilities. Here too, there’s no limit to your imagination and inspiration.

Watch art we make

Also, you can watch the art we make. Images, illustrations, models, divination and tarot cards. You can find them on these pages, in our blogs, in our books, in the several products we offer.

A contribution to you

This all said, we hope and aspire to indeed entice your imagination and inspiration. Provided you still not feel able to make things yourself. We last but not least hope you will agree it is but a small step to change how you look at the world. And so, that we contribute to the way you take a look on what is around you.