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Rabbit Tracks… Into Rabbit Holes…

Firstly, a world of magic opens up before your eyes. Indeed, the hors d’oeuvres laid out before you. Then, will you step into the magic world? Hence, a world where cards are the road signs along your path. Therefore a place in time where you may always be in the mind of remembering the magic.

Pick your piece of delicious spiritual pastry

By the way, here, you will find a selection of our merchandise. furthermore you’ll find a first glance on what we have to offer next.


Now, join us on this feast of life we have to offer you. Whether it is our offerings of old collections. Or, the how to’s we are planning to publish on our blog. Thus, follow us for our strawberries and cream. Embellish yourselves in our art. And so, pick from the fruit we have to offer you.

A cup of tea to heal you

To resume, start to pluck your flowers, weeds and herbs. But even so, especially those plants that grow nearby, where you live. Make them into the simple concoctions nature has to offer. With this in mind, be your own healer and become a healer of the world.

Anyhow, enjoy yourself on our journey next to these magical rabbit tracks.

Yield from the fields of your creativity and inspiration

Last but not least, let us inspire you and learn with us to explore your creative source. Let’s say “chin-chin” on this beautiful part of life.


Vincent and Camille

Come on in